Fluke Australia 2016 Test Tools Catalogue

Another successfully managed print project for our client Fluke Australia. 164 page product catalogue produced in full colour, on time and on budget. Fluid Marketing has extensive experience in planning, managing and delivering print projects of this scale and larger.

Why struggle with trying to understand print industry jargon only to get blind sided by that lack knowledge leading to problems in the print production process?

Fluke Australia have trusted Fluid for several years to oversight and deliver the wide range of print projects each year – this frees up the Marketing department to get on with the development and deployment of their strategy without the need to get bogged down on just one element of the overall marketing plan.

So, next time you need a print job done, call Fluid Marketing and we’ll take care of this element while you drive the overall plan from the top.

164pg Full Colour Catalogues

164 page Full Colour Catalogues

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