Fluid Marketing working with ANTaR

This year, Fluid Marketing has been working more closely than ever before with ANTaR. ANTaR is a not-for-profit organisation that drives advocacy and campaign work in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ fight for rights, respect and better health/wellbeing outcomes.

On top of the donation appeal campaign management work we regularly undertake, this year we have been designing a range of documents and other campaign materials for ANTaR and the associated organisation the National Justice Coalition. These designs have resulted in documents that are produced for online and hard copy output, as well as various other branded items that are used at outdoor events to aid the promotion of the aims and objectives of ANTaR

Fluid Marketing aims to “give back a little” through these activities and we encourage our clients and suppliers to look for ways in which they can contribute to similar worthy causes – local or national.

As ANTaR’s National Director, Andrew Meehan reported, this year hANTaR Annual Report 2014-15_VFAas been particularly challenging with the withdrawal of funding from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, programs and services and no clear policy framework for advancing justice.

In what appears to be an ever more cynical and some may say “hard hearted” society, it is important for us to be mindful of those that are less well off, struggling to cope or maintain the basics of human existence.

You can do this by assisting your local public school or providing subsidised or reduced price services to local charities. You don’t need to try to “do it all yourself”, but if we all did a little then the results can be truly inspiring.

So, look out for those opportunities to give a little back to your community. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities that you can find without going too far.


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