Goodminton – Logo Design

Today we delivered a new logo design for our UK-based client Goodminton. Makers of documentaries on a wide range of interesting subjects, Goodminton approached Fluid Marketing to create a new logo design that would work on both film/screen and in print (posters, DVD packaging, stationery).

Fluid collaborated with Ignite77 on this design. Fluid and Ignite77 have been collaborating for 15 years and the partnership continues to deliver what the clients need.

We have worked together to deliver Goodminton poster designs and DVD packaging designs, prior to this new logo project. These earlier projects came about through a chance meeting in New York in 2010, between Fluid and Goodminton, when they had just been invited to screen “The Valley of the Dawn” documentary at The New York Independent Film Festival and realised that they would need a poster design.

We have continued to stay in touch and work together on various ideas ever since.

New Logo Design presented in context

New Logo Design presented in context

Goodminton_Logo_Social2 Goodminton_Logo_Social3

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