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Content creation is where we are at presently. Fluid Marketing has recently diversified into content creation and we were selected as a lead provider of content for four local businesses through the local chamber of commerce – Newtown Precinct Business Association – for distribution through various print media, online media and social media platforms as a means of promoting the businesses and Newtown as a destination.

These projects are being supported by City of Sydney council and will continue as a series with more of the local businesses having content created to drive engagement with Newtown as a destination. Its the bohemian heart of Sydney with an eclectic mix of street life, bars, restaurants and retail outlets that you’ll find nowhere else.

As with all projects Fluid Marketing works collaboratively with like minded people to ensure we deliver the best results for each project. When it came to content creation for these video productions we chose to work with our partners at vudomedia.com.au – the result is that we have melded into a tight unit that will continue to deliver these types of content creation projects and we have a pipeline of future projects already in the pre-production phase.

We are now in talks with the NPBA about an appointment as the in-house production supplier and delivering insights on the distribution strategy for these projects and all future projects.

The results of these first content creation projects were the key driver in these further talks and both Fluid Marketing and the businesses themselves are very pleased with the results. You can check these content creations projects out at the links below.

The results of these first projects can be viewed here:

The Stinking Bishops https://youtu.be/RDaxEUDjL_E

The Urban Hotel Newtown https://youtu.be/DpuMv4mXLHQ

Salmon and Bear https://youtu.be/LExhOwhmtvQ

The Old 505 Theatre https://youtu.be/zKxa0S_-QC4

Shot preparation

Setting up the shoot at Urban Hotel Newtown with Daniel Symonds

Talking to the camera

The Old 505 Theatre’s Director Kerri Glasscock tells us some history of the venue and how the theatre came to be in Newtown

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