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Strategy Development and Planning

The development and planning of your business strategy is as important as the products or services your company sells, provides or distributes.

It takes into account all the elements that impact and affect your business’ performance: competitors, distribution model, pricing and promotion, to mention just a few.

Whether you’re a start-up or your business is approaching a mature market position, the need to have a solid strategy to keep the team focused is essential. Companies that have weathered the early development stages and are heading into a mature market position can be blindsided by new market entrants. So, the need to know what your course is and be able to respond to competitor threats is vital.

Talk to us today about your situation and together we can work to develop or redevelop your strategy and get you back on course. It won’t happen overnight, but without a strategy you will be “in the dark” as to your true potential.

Brand Development

The development of your Brand requires a discipline that sets short-term, mid-term and long-term milestones along a business plan trajectory while ensuring that the product truth and the essence of your brand remain tightly focused.

That all sounds a bit like jargon, and it may well be, but the key to the successful development of your brand is to understand what your brand means to your customers, how they perceive it and how they are invested in it. Maintain the focus and invest in understanding what your brand means to your customer.

There has been many a brand that has decided an image overhaul is needed without reference to their customers. This can backfire as it did in the case of Gap Clothing in the US. The new logo never got beyond the unveiling and was “shot down” by loyal customers expressing their dislike for the new image.

Underestimate the investment your customers have in you brand at your peril.


The general rule of thumb among new and mature businesses is that they can write anything they need to write for the promotion of their business because they know the business best. This is the best way to get a brochure full of jargon – impenetrable to the uninitiated and an instant turn off to all but the very knowledgeable.

Your product or service has a story that needs to be told in an engaging way. A way in which the prospective customer is drawn in, without even knowing it, until they MUST know more. Once you‘ve achieved that you can then deliver the drier product information and a bit of jargon too if absolutely unavoidable, but you have developed an interest within the reader and a desire for them to learn more.

Years ago I was doing a direct marketing course and the lecturer set an exercise in which we were to draft a promotional letter to sell art union lottery tickets. This was viewed by the bulk of the class as a very simple and straightforward exercise, until the results were revealed.

Most, including myself, produced a piece that simply got to the point of what we were trying to sell, and using the basic principles of direct marketing, made the pitch, stated and restated the benefits and followed these with a call to action.

There was one stand out piece that earned the writer a job offer from the lecturer. It was a shining example of the copy drawing the reader into the story to such an extent that they forgot they were reading a pitch for art union lottery tickets.

It opened like this ”I had a dream about you last night. We were both attending a dinner at the palace with Princess Diana……” it went on to draw you in to the point where you felt you had to purchase that lottery ticket or you’d miss out on the prizes they had dreamt you would win. I revised my view of copywriting that day.

So, it may cost a little more to get the copy professionally written, but at least you won’t be wasting money printing dull brochures that leave the reader locked out of your world. Talk to us today about how we can engage your prospects, tell your unique story and convert interest into action.

Print Management

You and your team are experienced in what you do, we are experienced in what we do. This is the basic philosophy behind our print management service.

Our years of experience dealing with the ever changing landscape of, and technologies in, the print business means we can see the problems coming, head them off before they happen and ensure a stress-free process, leaving you free to concentrate on your customers and your business.

We have experience in managing the design process for traditional offset print, digital short-run printing, grand format trade show and exhibition print and we can provide the advice you need to get the right job done to suit budget and purpose.

This extends into managing print for bulk mailings, the mail processing and lodgement and to also overseeing the installation of trade show and exhibition print works.

So, whatever the print job, we can manage it. And we have.

Visual Merchandising

The presentation of product in a visually appealing manner within the defined or restricted space available to your products within the retail environment is a constant compromise.

The presentation of your product in a way that makes it outshine your competitors is what we are about. Whether you have a large allocation of space within which to display product or a very limited space, the discipline is the same – make the product shine, communicate the benefit and increase the desirability of the product.

There are many techniques we can bring to the task, so talk to us today and with the unique circumstances of your product and the retail environments in which you work we can develop a standout VM solution.